Timmy and Milo

June 5, 2008

Timmy and Milo: rescued last winter from the Fantastic– did I say Fantastic?– San Gabriel Valley Humane Society.


Timmy’s talents:

1: fall over into somersaults of happiness in anticipation of human contact and lovinzzz

2: train his mistress on the absolute need for daily litter maintenance by standing out side the box mewling with such woe as to break your heart if there is a lone poo inside barring his entry

3: turn on the air conditioner– though he seems to forget he can do so because it shocks the shit out of him whenever he does it (see item 2)

This is Tender Timmy:

Milo’s talents:

1: flush the toilet for the oh-so-neato sound it makes (game ends when handle gets stuck in water running position)

2: turn off the vcr while you are watching something that a) vaguely displeases him or b) he’s already seen

3: crash over large stacks of books at 4a.m. to make sure the proffering of the wet food is coming sooner rather than later

4: knock over any size garbage can that exists on this earth– unless it is wicker in which case one must first gnaw on the rim and snap off a piece before overturning the basket

5: open the hallway closet door–just because

6: take down the dining room curtains– tho this only happened once (i got a new rod)

7: play the messages on the answerting machine– this was his favorite– and was previously employed when the book crashing over wake up call did not generate the desired effect quickly enough. This trick died the day I brought home a tupperware knockoff from the 99 cents store and created what I like to refer to as “Le téléphone…under glass.”

Oh, and let us not forget, the toilet paper parade wherein Milo steals the paper off of the roller thinger and proceeds to march proudly around the house, head thrown back regally, with lil Timmy hot on his heels, in complete awe at how goddamn badass his brother is.

This is Crazy Milo:

My 2 boys.


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