new poem

February 20, 2009

Wow—I’m published again– yay!!! A poem in an anthology, and a live reading April 4th.

What a lovely good-bye to Los Angeles.

As if LA deserves anything lovely…’first town I ever lived in where an acceptable “pick up line” was, “wow—are those real?” uch.

I would like to pop all my writing profs on the noggin for saying I needed to move to LA so I could be treated seriously as a writer. You know, LA eats my soul. My soul is not for sale. Never has been. Never will be. I’d rather write poetry that no one will read than sell my heart. 🙂

I suppose I should include the poem– funny how I am so shy about my poetry over any other form of writing!! I’m all nervous hee hee!


Little golden cheers

sprouting up from cracks in the cement

(my father’s lament)

holding up your sun-mirror shining heads,

ferocious teeth gleaming.

How every summer

it made my life

to watch you dot the green—

or pox the lawn,

my Dad would say.

Tragic that your fierce gold glow—

force to drive the mower into rage!

more powerful than weed killer!

able to dull steel blades!—

was lost on Dad.

As a child, I remember

pulling you from mounds of dug-up earth

lying limply on the lawn

and then getting yellow fingers

linking you together

to stage backyard coronations.

And how unaware I danced

as your seed spun from my hair

spreading your fresh Hell across the grass.

Oh, my lion-teethed beauties,

you knew me,

you knew me.



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